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SKF Lincoln MKU Single-line Pumps - Single-line lubrication systems from Norsecraft Tec AS

den 16 januari 2025

Function principle

Electrically operated gear pump


The modular structure of MKx product series makes these pump units attractive to machine manufacturers as well as to end users and dealers.
MKU and MKF gear pump units are used in single-line systems to supply oil (MKU) or fluid greases NLGI 000 and 00 (MKF) to the lubrication points.
MKL pump units are used in oil+air lubrication systems.

All pump units include a pressure-regulating valve and pressure-relief valve. Electrical pressure monitoring is performed by an integrated pressure switch, and fill-level monitoring also is possible. These units are controlled externally via the machine control system or an integrated control unit. Also, MKx units can be supplied with a push-button to activate interim lubrication at any time. Main functions are integrated into the lid, and a plastic cap protects the electrical components from contaminants such as dirt and dust.

Features and benefits

Integrated pressure-limitation and pressure-relief valve
Optional: electrical pressure switch, pressure gauge, float switch
External control via SPS or by means of internal control unit possible
All important functions integrated into the lid
Modular construction

Applications and industries

Material handling
Machine tool
Printing and finishing
Industrial assembly and automation


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