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RECAB delivers Embedded Products and Solutions to the Nordic market. Founded in 1996, RECAB has established a leading position in delivering solutions that satisfy the most demanding applications.
RECAB is a privately held company, with offices in Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Finland.
Traditionally customers have had the choice of standard COTS – Commercial-Off-The-Shelf and full custom solutions. RECAB now offers COTS – Custom-Off-The-Shelf. RECAB offers reusing existing platforms and building blocks from global manufacturers, and enhancing them to perfect fit for the customers applications.
By this, customers can now reduce risk, time-to-market and save on development and consultancy costs. The broad portfolio of products from RECAB includes Embedded Servers, Vehicle-PCs, Medical-PCs, Ruggedized COTS, MicroTCA, ATCA, ATR-systems, CompactPCI,VME, ETX, COM, COMexpress, communications servers, rackmount systems and solutions designed-and built to customer’s specifications.

The Products are often designed and tested to meet harsh environmental conditions including, dust, humidity, extended temperature, shock, vibration, and EMC-requirements.
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Fakta om RECAB

Kirke Værløsevej 24, 1.
3500 Værløse

Furesø Kommune

Telefon: +45 44351185

Fax: +45 44351184

VAT nummer: DK33971591

P nummer: 1017224499

Anställda: 8

Certifikat: ISO 9001:2008


Brian Ulskov Sørensen
Yrke: Managing Director
Telefon: +45 20208585

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