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igus 2021 Motion Plastics Show

den 14 juni 2021

igus is introducing 168 motion plastics innovations this year at its trade show, which has been recognised with the iF Design Award.

Multi-material printing for multifunctional components

den 10 juni 2021

The motion plastics specialist continues to expand its 3D printing capacities for durable, wear-resistant and complex components.

New triflex TRX energy supply system

den 7 juni 2021

Telescopic triflex TRX energy chain from igus saves space on the robot and ensures a retraction length of up to 40 per cent. The new iglidur I151tribo-filament is FDA-compliant and especially well-suited to food contact.

Wound tribo plain bearings from igus.

den 3 juni 2021

Lubrication-free, heavy-duty, wear-resistant: the new heavy-duty material iglidur TX2 saves costs and extends the service life in construction and agricultural machinery.

Global project for innovative plastics recycling

den 31 maj 2021

Co-operation for recycling expanded: igus partner Mura Technology collaborates with Dow. Dow Chemical invests in Mura’s HydroPRS technology. It has the potential to recycle all kinds of plastic and recover oil from it.

Low cost automation

den 28 maj 2021

A smart box! New igus module for predictive maintenance. i.Cee:local module predicts the service life of machinery and equipment, making maintenance efficient and predictable.

Plain bearing from Asi Automatikk.

den 25 maj 2021

For highest precision and rigidity: new drylin linear bearings for shafts. Bearings made of iglidur W360 high-performance polymer ensure precise and easy movements in linear technology.

Maintenance-free knife edge rollers

den 7 maj 2021

iglidur rollers with predictable service life ensure product transport in food technology. In the expanded knife edge shop from igus, users can obtain lubrication-free polymer rollers for the packaging and food industry.

Kontorstand fra Asi Automatikk

den 4 maj 2021

Da koronapandemien setter en stopper for utreise til Igus sin messe i Hannover, tok vi saken i egne hender og laget vår egen messe på kontoret. Ingenting er umulig!

igus honoured as SPE Network Pioneer Member

den 3 maj 2021

As the 11th member of the SPE Industrial Network, igus has now received the “PIONEER Member” award. The motion cable specialist now offers a highly flexible harnessed e-chain cable for Single Pair Ethernet technology.

FastConnect cable from igus

den 28 april 2021

The FastConnect technology for chainflex Profinet cables ensures fast connector harnessing. New flexible chainflex Profinet cable saves time-consuming stripping with knife and pliers.

Hannover Trade Show 2021

den 16 april 2021

New modular gearbox kit from igus for innovative cobot ideas. “One robot to go, please!” –With the lightweight modular gearbox system from igus, new ideas in the field of service robotics can be implemented easily and cost-effectively.

The new igus tribo-filament

den 12 april 2021

Igus has developed a new all-rounder filament for 3D printing: iglidur I190. It allows printing wear-resistant special parts such as plain bearings with great mechanical flexural strength (80 MPa).

Universal separators and shelves with locking tabs

den 8 april 2021

Quickly filled and doubly secured: 1. Flexibly slide the shelf into the separators, 2. Lock the shelves, 3. Securely close and automatically seal the chain with the locking tab crossbar.

The story behind Igus part 11

den 29 mars 2021

2012 - Second factory extension. The igus factory in Porz-Lind in Cologne gets bigger once again.

The story behind Igus part 10

den 22 mars 2021

2009 - Start of robolink. The development of low-cost robot arms begins. Robolink W was the first cost-effective robot arm made by igus.

The story behind Igus part 9

den 15 mars 2021

2003 - triflex energy chain. igus develops the first e-chains specially for industrial robots.

The story behind Igus part 8

den 8 mars 2021

igus grows - a bigger factory becomes necessary. The factory within old walls became too small, igus was growing continuously in all areas. More production space and more space for staff were needed.

The story behind Igus part 7

den 1 mars 2021

1989 - First cable igus develops. When talking to customers, Frank Blase often used to hear that poor cable quality led to corkscrew effects, core rupture and loop formation in instances of acceleration, large cycle numbers or high speeds.

New food technology from ASI Automatikk

den 26 februari 2021

For a neatly sliding bag: new igus coating powder for food technology. FDA-compliant polymer powder IC-05 with four times longer service life than IC-01 ensures wear-resistant sheet metal.

The story behind Igus part 6

den 22 februari 2021

1986 - igus solar system. Frank Blase developed the igus "solar system", which visually represents the corporate structure of igus GmbH.

The story behind Igus part 5

den 19 februari 2021

1983 - First plain bearing material. iglidur G was the first material that he used to make plain bearings with the injection-moulding method. And in 1985 Igus travel across the pond and establish in the USA.

The story behind Igus part 4

den 15 februari 2021

1977 - New headquarters was moved to Lochermühle in Bergisch Gladbach. And in 1979 the first e-chain catalogue came out.

CFE With E-clean

den 12 februari 2021

THE alternative to PTFE trackless cables: stranded structure CFCLEAN with e-skin flat. ►Modular ►Cable change in a few minutes ►Cost-effective ►Sustainable.

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